Four Benefits of Partnering with a School Furniture Dealer

Written by Artcobell

Few projects go smoothly from start to finish. Having strong partnerships ensures you’ll know where to go when you encounter a problem while furnishing your school. At Artcobell, we believe that a three-way partnership between you, Artcobell, and a local dealer is key to your success. That’s one of the reasons we carefully select each dealer in our network, rather than offering our school furniture line openly to anyone who can sell it.



four reasons To partner with a SChool Furniture dealer Endorsed by the Manufacturer:

  • Close Proximity: When you select a local dealer to purchase your school furniture from, you’ll have someone close by, which means you can deal with problems face-to-face.
  • Help With Coordination: Your local Artcobell dealer can coordinate as much as you want (or everything)! From design and planning through installation and beyond, Artcobell dealers are happy to help you manage your entire project. Gain the peace of mind you deserve when purchasing school furniture!
  • Direct Access When You Need It: When you work with a local Artcobell school furniture dealer,  you’ll gain a direct line into Artcobell for information, pricing and bids, special requests, design support, production, and shipping updates.
  • Lifelong Partners: Simply put, Artcobell’s local network of school furniture dealers is with you for the long haul. At Artcobell, we select dealers who are financially stable and are committed to the business, which means you can trust that they’ll be around when you need them.

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Find Your Local School Furniture Dealer Today!

While you can order online or from other dealers, you won't receive the same level of service as when you go through one of Artcobell’s local furniture dealers. If you’re ready to learn more, find your local school furniture dealer today!


Oct 5, 2020

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