How Do I Use Taxpayer Dollars Responsibly to Buy School Furniture?

Written by Artcobell

Did you know that there are more than $250 billion in open bonds across the country? This means, there are a lot of new schools being built or renovated. 

If you’re like most school officials we talk with, using school bond funds responsibly is one of your top concerns, and rightfully so! But what does “responsible use” really mean? At Artcobell, our goal is to help you gain the confidence you need that you’re putting every dollar to work in the right way. 

Here’s a list of common questions we receive, along with helpful links so you gain the knowledge you need before making a school furniture purchase.

How do I use my tax-payer $ responsibly?


How Artcobell Helps Ensure You Use Your Taxpayer Dollars Responsibly:

  • Where are your products made?
    The answer to this question could impact everything from availability to lead times and carbon footprint. What’s important to you?
  • How are your products made?
    Just as important as where your furniture solutions are made is how they are made—the manufacturing processes! Learn more about the people who make Artcobell school furniture, our quality standards, how we source our materials, and more!
  • What is your product made from?
    From raw material ingredients and indoor air quality to environmental impact and material sourcing, you should know what goes into your school furniture.
  • Will they stand up to everyday use in schools?
    When you make an investment in classroom furniture, you want to know if it will last.
Learn More about how Artcobell answers these questions!

Want to know more about how Artcobell can help you furnish your school? Read through other FAQs here!

If your question isn’t on this list, or if you’d like to speak to a furniture expert, please contact us today! We’re ready to help you find the right classroom furniture for your school! 

Mar 1, 2023

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