Professional Learning for Schools

Connecting the dots between modern learning environments and best practices in teaching and learning. Read on for details about on-demand, virtual and in-person learning options.

How do we Transform Learning?

How do you define success for your students? Artcobell offers a series of workshops to help you transform learning environments to match your vision for student success. From dreaming, to planning, to training, to professional development, we will partner with you as you take the journey to transform learning.

Professional learning and support programs are presented by our resident educator and former administrator Patricia Cadigan (ALEP), Vice President of Learning Environments. These are purposeful and meaningful learning experiences on the design of and the influence on teaching and learning in the classroom. 

On-demand Courses on

These 30-minute professional learning modules are designed to provide educators with practical tools and information that transforms learning spaces. Click on the videos below for a quick introduction to the modules. The full programs are hosted in the Artcobell Learning Academy on

Patricia intro-1-1 Introducing the Learning Academy

Patricia Cadigan, M. Ed, ALEP, and Vice President, Learning Environments, introduces the Artcobell Learning Academy.

Define-your-why-hero-1-1 Define Your Why

In "Define Your Why", Patricia Cadigan, M. Ed., ALEP, helps students connect teaching and learning, and learning environments by examining our vision of student success.

design-matters-2 Design Matters, parts 1 and 2

In Design Matters, Part 1, Patricia Cadigan, M.Ed., ALEP, guides students through an exploration of the HEAD study and how the findings help us redesign classrooms for today and tomorrow. Part 2: Rethinking Classroom Environments explores designing environments that promote a sense of safety, security, and belonging.


Presented live via a virtual platform by Vice President Learning Environments Patricia Cadigan, M. Ed., ALEP. To request availability, complete the form below.

Define Your Why: Vision

Envision your learning spaces by establishing how environmental influences impact learning.
☑ Review current research on the importance of classroom design and the impact on student achievement
☑ Unpack your vision for teaching and learning by evaluating the systems of how, when, what, and where your students learn
☑ Connect the dots to design the ultimate learning environments

Design Matters

Understand elements of design that impact student engagement and classroom functionality.
☑ Review current research in relation to classroom design and the impact on
student achievement and engagement
☑ Collaborate in teams to design classrooms to match the learning objectives and activities
☑ Explore examples of various instructional strategies, blended learning, focus instruction,
and station rotation to incorporate with flexible furniture

Connect the Dots: Planning for Today, Preparing for Tomorrow

Experience solutions for teaching and learning with a live, virtual tour of the Artcobell showroom.
☑ Plan for today and prepare for tomorrow's classroom needs
☑ Dive into multi-functional classroom layouts and research-based concepts needed for your community of learners
☑ Learn how Artcobell products can help create the learning environments you need to connect the dots between teaching and learning

Flexible Learning Needs Flexible Furniture

Explore 21st-century teaching and learning strategies and apply furniture solutions.
☑ Review current research in relation to classroom design and the impact on student achievement and engagement
☑ Overview concepts like flexible seating, collaborative worksurfaces, and mobile furniture
☑ Create environments that are safe and secure and provide students voice and choice

Take a Tour: Innovative Spaces

“Walk” through some of the most innovative, modern classrooms in 3-D
☑ Explore how classroom furniture can support collaborative, individual, and project-based learning
☑ Evaluate furniture layouts to support teaching and learning strategies
☑ Learning centers within the classroom to differentiate learning activities
☑ Flexible seating allows student choice and promotes comfort
☑ Classroom furnishings support technology

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Artcobell’s Vice President of Learning Environments

Customized coaching to meet your vision for teaching and learning

Planning | Connecting the dots between your vision for teaching, learning, and learning environments

Post-Occupancy | Ensuring the success of your new furniture investment

In-person (Certification Hours):

  • Hands-on collaborative workshops (3-4 hours)
  • Data-driven / Evidence / Research-based
  • Small group (35 or less) or Trainer of Trainer model

Virtual (Certification Hours):

  • Guided by a facilitator, workshops conducted live on a virtual platform
  • Need flexibility, outline virtual modules for professional development on your time

These services are available to districts who are currently using Artcobell furniture or plan to use it on a school project. Workshops must be scheduled through your local Artcobell dealer. To find out which dealer represents your area, visit How to Buy at the top of this page.