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Continuing Education Programs

Artcobell is pleased to offer these continuing education courses for architects, designers, and industry professionals, accredited by AIA and IDCEC.

Transforming Learning Spaces Together

We believe that the process of transforming learning environments is a collaborative effort built on shared knowledge and experiences.

Artcobell offers these CEUs that start (and continue) the dialog on how learning space design can impact the success of learning spaces and, more critically, improve student outcomes.

These programs are available virtually and in-person. See below for our curriculum.


Here is a list of Artcobell's accredited CEUs. These programs are presented live via a virtual platform by Artcobell's Learning Environment experts. To request availability, complete the form below.

Marana-008 Culture Shift. Designing the K-12 Experience.

AIA -ABC10622 1 LU.
What if every space could create a unique experience that reflects the learning, the inhabitants, and their culture? This course is designed to bring awareness to the importance of physical spaces and how they impact both culture and the successful experience for today’s learners. Evaluating how cultural shifts within our world influence our behavior, our ability to acquire  knowledge and our thinking, participants will take a journey to explore the relationships between designing spaces that support the way we work and the way we learn.

20180803_Saguaro_Elem_Casa_Grande_Middle_14-1 Let's Talk Shop!! Learning from Retail Design.

 AIA-ABC10723 1 LU.
Designing libraries and media centers based on retail design principles involves creating a space that is attractive, functional, and user-friendly. The goal is to make the space welcoming and engaging environment that encourages users to explore and interact with the resources available. Overall, designing libraries and media centers based on retail design principles can help create an environment that is both functional and inviting, and that encourages users to explore and engage with the resources available.

image-png-3 The Living Classroom

AIA-ABC10222 1 LU.
This course takes an in-depth look at the needs of future learning spaces by highlighting aspects like natural elements, flexibility, mobility, and creativity of the classroom while keeping the 21st-century classroom design needs in mind. The course  discusses integrating organic living with today’s modern technology in flexible, collaborative classrooms. A key element is understanding how to design a learning environment that supports a variety of pedagogical approaches and learning experiences with natural elements in mind. 

20180803_Saguaro_Elem_Casa_Grande_Middle_28-1 Maker Spaces. Evolution in the Making.

AIA-ABC10322 1 LU.
Learning happens best when learners construct their understanding by creating things to share with others. Maker spaces serve as gathering spaces where students connect to work on real and personally meaningful projects, and where teachers are facilitators. In this course, we identify elements of a makerspace, share what students can do in a makerspace, and how making can be incorporated at any grade level. Learn the key steps in creating a maker program and the resources needed for designing engaging and flexible physical spaces for making.

169380 - Artcobell - Genius Bar - Genius Bar - View1- 00 Plan for Today. Prepare for Tomorrow.

AIA-7865ABC 1 LU.
As we design classrooms for today, how do we take the opportunity to reset, rethink, and reimagine learning environments? Drawing from research that has surfaced on the benefits and drawbacks of remote and virtual teaching and learning, how can we be mindful in designing classrooms for today and plan for tomorrow? In this course, we explore how to create future spaces for learning using various furniture solutions to create student-centered ecosystems.

ABO_0585-1-1 Tomorrow's Classroom

AIA-ABC10522 1 LU
Travel through history reviewing major education movements to arrive at the knowledge revolution of today. In this revolution, we see that students are dealing with more complex thinking and receiving education from many different sources, both in the classroom and out. This session looks at the needs of future education spaces, highlighting flexibility, mobility, and creativity. Discuss the classroom of tomorrow, where the learning environment has different functions, changing as students progress through their educational journey.

201824-15 Trends in Teaching + Learning

IDCEC CEU-109457
Where, what, and how to educate students is under review. Research and data are asking if we are measuring the right things, are we looking at what makes a difference, and how it all connects to impact student achievement. The pressure is on for design professionals to create environments that serve as tools for teachers. This course explores how different learning environments (personalized, active, collaborative, and flexible) can support student achievement and engagement and how these environments are influenced by design research and innovative furnishings. 


Visit us in Temple! The presentations shown above, as well as our Plant Tour, are available for those visiting Artcobell's facilities in Temple, TX. Bundle 2 or more for even more credits. To arrange a visit, please complete the request form below.

Sourcing Artcobell Plant Tour

AIA-ABC10824  1 LU/HSW
Journey into the heart of Artcobell. This immersive Manufacturing Plant Tour unveils the intricacies of operations, offering participants an in-depth exploration of our commitment to excellence, including education space design, engineering, customer service, IT systems interface automation, manufacturing, warehousing, and testing. Experience the significance and dedication of manufacturing in the USA and aligned sustainability measures to reduce the carbon footprint. Discover what it means to be a “people development company” and witness how this ethos shapes a positive workplace culture and contributes to overall company success. Lastly, gain insights-focused approach to durability and safety, ensuring top-notch solutions for today’s classrooms.


All of the CEUs listed above may also be available during your visit to Artcobell. Let us know how we can tailor a program to your needs.


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