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Find the Right Teacher Desk For Your Unique Needs

Written by Alicia Springer, M.Ed.

When re-thinking your teacher desk solution, there are so many things to consider: furniture mobility, flexibility, size, approachability, and intimidation factor, activity level (more interaction with students) and comfort. But most importantly, what message does your teacher desk send to your learners? Are students entering your classroom as visitors, or do they feel like you are a part of their learning environment


Closer Look: The Pro's & Con's of Having a Teacher Desk

Take the quiz below to help you decide whether you need a traditional teacher desk solution, or if you should brave the unknown and explore the benefits of desk-free teaching!

Teacher Desk

My Answer Was: "Ditch the Desk!"

If after taking the quiz above you received the answer "Ditch the Desk," then congrats! There is no longer a barrier between you and your learners. Foregoing the traditional teacher desk sends a message to students that it’s no longer your classroom, rather it’s a shared learning space for everyone. With this approach, you can expect more ownership, respect, and engagement from your students.


My Answer Was: "I Need a Teacher Desk Solution"

If after taking the quiz above you determined you "need a teacher desk solution," this information is for you.

We get it! You need a place to plan, check work, and provide one-to-one teaching instruction for your students, but you’d still like to explore options outside of using a traditional teacher desk.

Here are four multi-functional work surfaces that will free up space in your classroom, meanwhile provide you with the functionality you need in a teacher desk:

  • Arise podium: If you’d like more flexibility with your school furniture, consider a mobile lectern with a pedestal or a makerspace cabinet for extra storage. Multi-functional work surfaces for teachers are part of the learning environment, which frees up more classroom space.

    Or, take advantage of a Mobile Arise podium with a rolling file cabinet that lets teachers go to students. Use a larger, expanse-flipping table when you need more space to work or meet with students or other teachers.

    Lastly, equip with the working space with task chairs set at different heights to ensure comfortable and flexible seating for anyone who uses this piece of flexible furniture. 


  • Shape Table: Teacher desks can occupy up to 15% of your classroom's instructional space. If you need more room, consider any of these shape tables on wheels.

    As well, save on classroom space by allowing large shape tables to double as a teacher work surface and as a teaching station.   


  • Sit to Stand Desks: Sit to stand desks are another versatile option for creating active classrooms. Teacher space becomes fluid—just like student spaces—which means as the teacher, you can facilitate learning anywhere in the classroom!

Sit to Stand teacher_desk



  • Catalyst Table: Use a catalyst, multi-functional table with or without a modesty panel as a teacher work surface and add a mobile pedestal for added storage. Catalyst tables provide you with the durability of a traditional teacher desk, but they also give you optional surfaces for demonstration, or they can be used as student workspaces. 



My Answer Was: "I Need a Traditional Teacher Desk"

If from the quiz above you discovered that moving out of the traditional teacher desk isn't right for you yet, we understand! Change is not always easy.

Traditional work surfaces and teacher desks provide you with a space to plan, organize, and prepare instruction for your students. If you're looking to purchase the right teacher desk but you don't want to stray from using a traditional desk solution, you still need to do some research! There are many different options today for purchasing teacher desks that meet your unique classroom needs. techer_desk_solution

Professional Guidance to Help You Shape the Right Classroom Environment

Whether you're looking to purchase a traditional teacher desk or you're interested in exploring more versatile or flexible teacher desk solutions, we can help! At Artcobell, our team is passionate about helping educators outfit their schools with classroom furniture solutions that are versatile, durable, and flexible. Contact our Director of Learning Environments to learn more!


Jul 26, 2021

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