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Why is movement so important for student success?

Written by Artcobell

In learning environments that promote collaboration and engagement, the ability to move easily around the space, as well as for students to choose where and how they want to work is critical to success. "Activity Permissive Environments" allow for a variety of postures throughout the day. 

Even in the most progressive learning settings, students generally sit for a large part of their day. "Sitting still" is not natural or healthier for student bodies that need to move in order to oxygenate their brains. Engineers for comfort, Artcobell's NXT MOV® Seating was inspired by our need to move.


Artcobell consulted with Dr. Mark Benden of Texas A&M School of Public Health to understand more about how movement seating might contribute to classroom performance. 



Engineered for Comfort and Durability

NXT MOV was born of a collaboration between design and engineering. Artcobell's primary drive was to create a chair that could be both comfortable and affordable, as well as good looking!

collaborative classroom NXT MOV intrepid

A coordinated solution for next-generation classrooms

Studies show that activity-permissive learning spaces help prevent student fatigue and promote engagement. NXT MOV desking works with our seating to configure to teacher and student needs based on what, where, and how they are learning.

For more about the products that make up the NXT MOV classroom, visit our NXT MOV product page.

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Jun 20, 2023

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