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Over the years, Artcobell has had the honor to work with schools around the country as they roll out new, flexible classroom furniture in their schools. According to Patricia Cadigan, Artcobell's Vice President of Learning Environments, one of the biggest challenges schools face after they've installed new learning spaces is buy-in from teachers.

"If we really want to transform learning, we need to appreciate the role that teachers play in creating the inclusive, collaborative spaces that are requirements of student success," says Cadigan, who is also a veteran teacher and administrator. 

In this video blog, Patricia talked to Belinda Kuck, Davis SD Director of Teaching and Learning, about the importance of providing professional learning to teachers to build trust, encourage buy-in and develop a community of collaborators. Listen as Belinda shares her experiences and what she observed before and after the training.

This is part of Artcobell's "Professional Learning" series.


Post-Occupancy Professional Learning for Teachers helps to connect the dots

As they rolled out their new furniture program, Belinda shared this key take-away:

  • Training teachers to use new, flexible furniture is critical and needs to be recognized and planned for.
  • Make sure teachers understand what the furniture is there to do, and how to use it effectively. Then let them experiment.
  • Provide a sample classroom and get a star teacher to test it out. Build advocacy.
  • Teachers just need a spark. Give them the basics and they'll take off and make it their own.

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Sep 29, 2022

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