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    Patricia Cadigan, M.Ed., ALEP

    Patricia Cadigan, M.Ed., ALEP, has 28 years of experience within public education including over 17 years in school administration. She began her career in education as a science teacher and then served as an assistant principal at the middle school level and principal at both the elementary and high school levels. In the last three years, she served as the Executive Director of Bond Projects, allowing her to bring all her experiences in teaching, learning, and leadership to promote the vision of transforming learning environments with technology and furnishings. Patricia joins the Artcobell team assisting in professional development, training, programming and research to connect learning spaces with best practices in teaching and learning. Her expertise will help teams make the connection on how furnishings can promote engaging and supportive learning environments. Patricia works with schools as they transform their learning environments to meet the needs of their curriculum.

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