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The building or even the remodeling of a school can be overwhelming! It’s not like you do it every day (or year, or even decade). The good news is, there are many resources available to help you through the process. Check out this helpful list before you get started furnishing your school with the right classroom furniture. 

Who will help me navigate this process?

Helpful Resources for Furnishing Your School: 

  • Designers & Architects: More and more, designers and architects specializing in education are including furniture specifications within their scope. 
  • Project Managers that Specialize in Education Spaces: You can trust this new breed of consultants, who are specialized project managers, to set expectations and oversee ordering and installation of your school furnishings, as well as other aspects of the overall program.
  • Furniture Dealers: With a vast knowledge of K-12 furniture products, classroom furniture dealers can guide you in finding the right solutions for your learning environments. Great furniture dealers also offer a range of services, from layout through installation, to help you meet your learning goals. 


The Help You Need with School Furniture, When You Need It

Lastly, it’s important you remember that you’re not alone in this! If you’re working on a significant project, Artcobell can help. We consult with schools throughout North America every day – from planning (understanding your goals, strategies, and needs) to furniture selection (matching your strategies and needs to the right solutions). We even provide professional development, meaning we help your teachers get comfortable with their new furniture. Let us know how we can help you!

Want to know more about how Artcobell can help you furnish your school? Read through other FAQs here!


Oct 5, 2020

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