How Long Should My School Classroom Furniture Last?

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When you purchase school and classroom furniture, you want it to last! We understand! It’s why we often receive the question, “How long does your school furniture last?” When it comes to making a major investment—like school furniture—here are three things you should consider before making your final purchase

How long will my furniture last?


Three Things to Consider Before Investing In School and Classroom Furniture

  • Product testing: One of the most important things you can look into is whether the school furniture manufacturer tests its products to meet minimum quality and safety standards. While there aren’t really any specific standards school furniture must meet, reputable school furniture manufacturers use BIFMA (Building Industry Furniture Manufacturers Association) as a standard. BIFMA is testing standards that were developed for office furniture to ensure durability. At Artcobell, we test each of our products beyond BIFMA minimums to ensure your classroom furniture is safe and durable for kids. Better yet, at Artcobell, we’ve created a few of our own tests and standards to ensure our products exceed your expectations.
  • Testimonials: As you look to determine the right school furniture manufacturer to partner with, do your research! What companies are other schools using and did they have a good experience? Were they satisfied with the customer service and the products? Did the classroom furniture stand the test of the students using it? Your classroom furniture dealer should be able to provide you with references and testimonials. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website to look at case studies.
  • Warranty: While warranties vary widely, they can be an indication of whether the classroom furniture manufacturer stands behind its product. Take, for example, our Limited Lifetime Warranty, which we’re confident will give you the confidence you need when purchasing our furniture solutions. 


Classroom Furniture Your School Can Depend On... and Your Students Will Love

While we’re seeing a sea-change inside schools when it comes to classroom furnishings—moving to more active and collaborative spaces—we also realize that most schools don’t have the luxury of changing out their furniture regularly. Find the balance between durability and lifetime use, but don’t sacrifice either for fashion.

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Oct 5, 2020

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