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Wagner Middle School

project details

Dealer: Indeco

Location: Georgetown, Texas 

District: Georgetown ISD

School Type: Middle School

  • Calming neutral color scheme is punctuated with pops of color on the Alphabet chairs.
  • Quiet-work, study areas are framed by non-traditional bookshelves.
  • The new library uses curvaceous shelving to break up the space into nooks and niches for reading, study or collaborative work.
  • The large open space of the library is carefully broken up with furnishings that emphasize comfort and coziness.
  • Radiused mobile storage is accessible from both sides.
  • Open space becomes flexible work space with tables and chairs that can be moved around depending on need.
  • Every space becomes a learning space where students can gather on small projects.
  • Varying table shapes add visual interest while the overall color scheme creates a sense of calm.
  • No space is wasted in this open plan approach.
  • Cafe tables and stools give students a chance to gather "Starbucks" style.
  • A bistro-like environment lets students take a device to a comfy seat or a stand height table and stools
  • Shape tables are set at stand height with Alphabet stools.
  • Extra tables and chairs can be moved into classrooms or used for outside work.
  • Soft seating combined with cafe tables are configurable for small groups or individual work.
  • Sturdy makerspace tables and low-back plywood stools combine for a modern take on the science classroom.
  • Mobile storage cabinets for supplies can be rolled up to where they are needed.
  • Low-back plywood stools lend casual elegance to the space.