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A learning environment that allow students to exchange information in small groups.

Build Confidence through collaboration

Small group learning is great for building communication and social skills. Providing breakout spaces within or outside the classroom encourages students to gather so they can intuitively problem solve, debate, create and learn.

As you design your breakout spaces, think about how each will function, how it supports the student learning outcomes and how it makes students feel.

For questions to guide your discussion: Download the planning guide.

Scroll down for design ideas and products that can be used in breakout learning zones.

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Whether your students are reading, working on a project, or just taking a break, a classroom café can help them feel more relaxed and engaged. And who knows? They might even discover a new favorite book or make a new friend!

cozy corner

Who says learning can't be relaxing? Create a cozy corner in your classroom to inspire your students and make them feel right at home!

a place to gather

Whether you're a student or a teacher, it's important to have a learning environment that is comfortable and welcoming. When you feel at ease in your surroundings, you're more likely to be engaged, focused, and creative.

Create comfortable learning spaces by providing flexible seating options, like curved benches and round rockers.

Gathering spot

Use any open space to create a gathering spot. Using soft seating, you can build a flexible space for impromptu meetings and socializing that can also double as a project planning space for small groups.

See more soft seating products.

Explore on your own

Maker space labs allow a small group of students to explore outside of typical classroom work.  A sturdy maker space table and ample storage for supplies are all you need.

Distance learning or telecon meeting?

Create small spaces where students or staff can meet and collaborate. A table and some comfortable chairs are all that's required.

Quiet retreat

Small group learning environments provide students space to demonstrate mastery by creating and presenting projects that simulate real research methods. 

Small or large groups

Look for tables that can be reconfigured for different needs: pair Expanse + Nebula Shape tables to flex small groups from 2 to 12 by mixing and matching.

See how Shape Tables can work together.

Reconfigurable space

A breakout room flexes for large staff meetings or small groups with tables that can be moved and reconfigured like Expanse + Nebula. Wheel-barrow style (with two casters) tables are easy to move around the space.

Breakout lounge

Does every learning space need desks and chairs? Consider a lounge approach to spaces where students or staff can gather to work or socialize.

See lounge seating options.

"Huddle" rooms

provide students or staff a place to meet over projects or allow privacy for assessment testing. A few desks and comfortable soft seating that can be reconfigured lends to the relaxed, low-stress environment.

Work on projects

Create a project space in a media center where students can spend time working on presentations and art projects. Versatile 3P-120 Shape Table works for 3 students with proper social distancing now and more later.  Round Rockers and Arcs provide a fun seating option.

Walk-up work

A standing racetrack café table in a breakout room gives students a chance to change positions while working on projects.

Mix up heights

Movement is important to increase respiration and blood flow.  Use floor seating and reduced height work surfaces to encourage floor work.

Look at other floor seating options.

Use extra space

Creative use of furniture can help teachers maximize learning.  Standing height desks paired with café stools allow students a space to learn that meets their needs.

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