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Reed Elementary


Leander ISD wanted to updated the classroom furniture at Reed Elementary to support a modern-day learning environment. Before the furniture was selected the Materials Management Department conducted a review that gathered input from the teachers, administrators, students and support staff. It was important to gather input from a variety of participants that represented newer and older campus designs.

project details

Designer: O’Connell Robertson

Dealer: Indeco

Location: Cedar Park, Texas

District: Leander Independent School District

School Type: Public Elementary

Design Intent

The School was designed with bright hallways and classrooms that opened up to neighborhoods. Students are allowed to choose if they would like to learn or do group activities in the classroom or out in the neighborhood. The flexible space and easy-to-manage furniture can quickly be reconfigured for use by different groups. The classroom dynamic no longer represents a teacher-oriented, one point perspective but is conducted like a workshop.


The most impactful of the changes was replacing the traditional open front desk with the Discover Shape Tables allowing for classroom mobility and a multifunctional space. Bright color was added to the table tops and chairs helping to make the room more interesting and alive. The neighborhoods were outfitted with Discover Shape Tables on casters for mobility and reconfiguration.

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