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When learning really DOES happen anywhere.

Found spaces. Common spaces. Learning Commons.

Space is at a premium within a school building. Using every bit of space helps create opportunities for students to engage. These environments can be small for personal instruction or individual study or larger spaces to accommodate collaborative groups.

Scroll down for design ideas and products that can be used in learning hallways.

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Use all the space you have

Large learning hallways between classrooms are spaces to gather for presentations, small group instruction, or students working quietly alone.

Create nooks

Curved mobile bookcases help reduce clutter by storing learning materials.  Pair with soft seating you have a solution for students to relax and learn.

Get creative

Design a learning hallway to meet the flexibility you need.  Configurable seating options can be moved around for groups or single students, then move out of the way when you need the space. 

Carve out niches

and cubbies in the library to create collaborative or contemplative zones where students can work on projects. Add casters and you can move tables to the side if you need open space for larger groups or community events.

Found space

Create comfortable spaces in the hallway using café tables and stools for collaboration.

Welcome to the neighborhood

The open space within grade-specific neighborhoods can become usable space for arts and sciences classes. Bring in tables for group work and offer a variety of seating options, from sit-on-the-floor to bar height. Don't forget to add lots of color for fun!

Impromptu learning zones

Use café tables and soft seating for students to have comfortable spaces to collaborate

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