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First Baptist Church


The newly renovated Children’s Ministry space at First Baptist Church has created a buzz! Children in grades 1-5 attend choir practice, Sunday school and Biblical programs in a fun and colorful environment…did we mention colorful!

project details

Designer: Good Fulton & Farrel Architects 

Dealer: Texas Shared Church Services 

Location: Garland, Texas 

District: Church 

School Type: Grades 1-5

Design Intent

The bright colors of the furniture, walls and carpet create a fun and colorful learning space for children. Discover and Alphabet make the classroom feel clean and contemporary. The flexibility of the Expanse Shape Tables and Alphabet Cantilever Chairs allow for quick reconfiguration and easy cleaning under tables. 


The Expanse Shape Tables and Alphabet Cantilever Chairs were used in each classroom. The versatile tables can be arranged in multiple ways to create individual or group learning. Each table is equipped with casters allowing teachers to reconfigure the tables in seconds with just the tip of a finger. The Alphabet Chairs offer comfort and the perfect amount of flex for children to move without causing distraction.

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