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Tips for Creating an Effective Classroom Layout

Written by Alicia Springer, M.Ed.

Yesterday’s classroom had one direction: straight ahead. Sit up straight, quit wiggling, and toss the chewing gum. In the one-size-fits-all classroom, “fitting in” was a literal requirement. But today, just like our students come in all shapes and sizes, so should our learning environments.

The fact: today’s classroom is changing!

The learning revolution is transforming how we teach and learn, which forces us to rethink our standard ways of operating. Modern classrooms are getting smarter: connected, flexible, and adaptive to various learning styles, teaching strategies, and technology tools.

Collaboration Conversion


How the Classroom Layout Impacts Student Success

Life in a school changes by the hour (sometimes by the minute), so classroom layouts should be designed with the flexibility teachers and students need to succeed. From individual study and group projects to a full-class discussion, classroom layouts can support any learning and teaching style with the help of durable classroom furniture solutions. 

In this blog, we’ll explore different learning styles and how you can use various classroom layouts with flexible classroom furniture to create a more modern learning environment. 


Classroom Layouts that Support Collaborative-Based Learning

What is collaborative-based learning? It’s a learning environment where there are students working and learning together. The learning space needs to accommodate multiple activities happening at once. 


Here’s a quick overview of the benefits of collaborative-based learning:

  • It raises student achievement
  • It develops higher understanding as students teach each other
  • It builds positive relationships between students
  • It creates a learning community that values diversity
  • It develops both cognitive development and social skills

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Classroom Layouts that Support Individual-Based Learning

What is individual-based? It’s a learning approach where the environment is configured in a way for students work by themselves to reflect, practice or create on their own. It also gives teachers the opportunity to reinforce concepts or assess students’ skills based on their individual needs.


Here’s a quick overview of the benefits of individual-based learning:

  • It lets students self-evaluate, monitor their own academic progress, and set goals to improve  
  • It allows teachers to communicate complex topics and disperse large amounts of information to a larger audience
  • It provides and environment to assess student's individual understanding and progress
  • It promotes a greater sense of control for teachers over the learning experience

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Pro-tip: Mobile and configurable furniture allows you to create your space.  Curriculum or activities change throughout the day or class period. Easily convert your space from individual-based learning where students work independently to foster self-regulation skills to a project-based approach where students work in teams to research topics of interest.






Classroom Layouts that Support Project-Based Learning

What is project-based learning? It’s a learning approach where the environment provides students the space to demonstrate mastery by creating and presenting projects.  


Here’s a quick overview of the benefits of project-based learning:

  • It simulates project management, assigning long-term projects require long-term team commitments
  • It builds understanding of individual student strengths
  • It enhances students’ ability to delegate and trust team members effectively
  • It improves communication skills between members
  • It encourages conflict resolution
  • It develops students critical thinking skills, which they will need in the job market


Transform the Learning Environment, Transform Learning! 

So if you are needing to transform your learning environments to impact student achievement, look to Artcobell to help you thoughtfully designs classrooms that will significantly impact the learning environment. Our design team can help you maximize your classroom layout and equip you with configurable furniture solutions that are flexible, adaptable, and accommodating any type of learning strategy. We’ll work with you to design a new space or breathe new life into an old, outdated classroom.

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Explore the Possibilities with Classroom Layouts that Work

What will tomorrow’s classroom look like? Artcobell’s tables, chairs, and desks are designed to work individually or in combination to create inspiring learning environments. Design your tomorrow! Contact our team for more information.



Aug 23, 2021

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