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    Alicia Springer, M.Ed.

    Senior Graphic Designer at artcobell

    Design Matters: Creating a Welcoming Classroom Environment

    This blog is part of our Design Matters series:

    Design Matters: Strategically Plan the Flow of your Classroom

    This blog is part of our Design Matters series: How to Design Classroo...

    5 Tips for Decluttering Your Classroom & Boosting Student Mood

    A new school year is upon us. As students make their way back into the...

    Tips for Creating an Effective Classroom Layout

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    Find the Right Teacher Desk For Your Unique Needs

    When re-thinking your teacher desk solution, there are so many things ...

    Re-thinking Horseshoe Tables to Encourage Creative Thinking

    Classroom seating options and work surface choices available for learn...

    5 Reasons We’re Obsessed with Markerboard Surfaces

    Dry erase surfaces are no longer just for walls! You can now get stude...

    Explore Classroom Design Strategies that Promote Student Engagement

    As an educator, you may have heard of the theory of the Living Classro...

    The Living Classroom: Elements of a Flexible Learning Environment

    It’s no secret that students in classrooms today learn differently tha...

    How to Establish an Active Learning Classroom

    Educators around the country are eager to adopt new learning strategie...

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