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Pre-K Learning

Spaces that allow the youngest students to explore and play safely in inspirational surroundings.

Quality preschool classrooms are well-planned.

Early learners learn through play and communication. The environment should spark their imagination, inviting learning through exploration and collaboration. Reconfigurable spaces are safe and secure and need to meet the demands of a dynamic and active environment.

For questions to guide your discussion: Download the planning guide.

Scroll down for design ideas and products that can be used in pre-K learning spaces.

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Gathering spot

Create a zone with soft seating so students can gather to read, relax, or play a game. See more soft seating products.

Center-based learning

Using shape tables, create learning spaces around the room so students can work independently or cooperatively with classmates.

Quiet retreat

Spaces where students can relax, unwind, decompress and calm down.  Use soft seating and curved cabinets to create a safe place. 

Explore on your own

Preschool students need spaces to create and learn individually.  Use a small table like Crescent at floor height or soft seating pieces that can be pulled apart for individual use.

Small or large groups

Look for tables that can be reconfigured for different needs: pair Expanse + Nebula Shape tables to flex small groups from 2 to 12 by mixing and matching.

See how Shape Tables can work together.

Reconfigurable space

Flexible furniture allows for large and small group workstations.  Using Expanse + Nebula tables that are wheelbarrowed are easily moved around the room. 

Work on projects

Create a project space in a media center where students can spend time working on presentations and art projects. Versatile Nebula Shape Tables can be used separately with proper social distancing now and moved together for projects later.  MOV Stools and FLOT chairs provide fun seating options.

"Huddle" spaces

Create a zone where small groups of students can learn and play together in a safe and secure way.  Use FLOT chairs and a crescent table at floor height to maintain structure. 

Walk-up work

A variety of table heights gives students a chance to change positions while working on projects.

Mix up heights

Movement is important to increase respiration and blood flow.  Use floor seating and reduced height work surfaces to encourage floor work.

Look at other floor seating options.

Accessible storage

Fostering independence and self-confidence, children need to be able to easily access materials and supplies.  Storage should be at eye level. 

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