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Media Centers

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The hub of the school

Supporting the community's unique needs, what once was a library is now a center of activity. These flexible spaces need to accommodate technology, house research and reading materials and stimulate creativity with STEM and STEAM areas, quiet areas for independent reflection, and social areas for small and large group learning activities.

As you plan your media center, think about how it will function, how it supports student learning outcomes and how it will make students feel. To get you started download the planning guide.

Scroll down for design ideas and products that can be used in media centers.

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Media Rich Centers

Media-rich centers provide new opportunities for creativity. Blending print collections and media resources gives space to move.  Flexible and mobile furnishing eliminate barriers. 

Flexible and mobile furnishings

Flexible and mobile furnishings create inviting spaces.  Tables and shelving on casters let you change on the fly.  This physical space adapts to the needs of the occupants instead of the other way around. 

A blended space

A blended space allows for teaching and learning zones. Use standing and sitting height tables and adaptable seating to set up quiet reading spaces, café areas for comfortable collaboration, media stations for online activities, as well as traditional instruction zones.  

Fun spaces for students to connect

Use floor seating as an option in the media center. 

The center of school life

What was once the library is now a space for collaboration and large group meetings, often involving both campus and community participants.

Whether you need space to instruct, present, group work, or study this simple solution accommodates both books and people, and can be reconfigured from small groups to large ones.  

Mobile shelving needs stability

Shelving will not shift or move with strong magnetic holds.

Media center or makerspace?

Today it can be both – bringing technology, resources, and the right collaborative furniture solutions together in one space.

Use shelving for print materials

Mobile or stationary,  break up the space without creating visual barriers. 

Quiet reflection

Enhance the design of the space with furniture that encourages students to experience the thoughtful design.

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