A classroom is a learning environment that is flexible, collaborative, active and personalized.

Classrooms should be designed to inspire students

Learning spaces that are flexible, collaborative, active, and personalized are critical for student success. Classroom environments should inspire students and support them in connecting to the content, their teachers, and their peers.

As you design your classrooms, think about how the space will function, how it supports the students learning outcomes, and how it will make students feel.

Here are some questions to help guide your discussions. Download planning guide.

Scroll down for design ideas and products that can be used in classrooms/learning studios.

classroom_Surrey1 classroom_Georgetown1 Discover-7SD classroom_Georgetown2 classroom_Owasso2 Alphabet-Shape-Desks classroom_Owasso1 classroom_Kennemer Flex

Creative configurations

Discover the flexibility of groupings with shape tables, Nebula and Expanse, alongside Discover Chairs on casters. 

Download the table configuration guide.

Flexible, mobile desks & tables

Today’s classrooms accommodate lots of technology. Your furniture needs to pull apart, come together, and move about the room.

Standing or Sitting

Affordable options still allow for mixing desk heights and let students have ownership over where they sit (or stand).  Reimagine the teacher workstation using a horseshoe or half-round table to enhance accessibility and expand workspace.

Creative structure

Active primary classrooms are in a constant state of controlled chaos.  Provide a variety of seating options with different worksurfaces to meet the demands of the activities. 

Show what they know

Student worksurfaces can be multi-functional.  Student storage underneath and markerboard tops let students organize their materials and their thoughts. 

Read more: 5 Reasons We're Obsessed with Markerboard.

Use shape tables

Create creative, fun learning environments based on the needs of the lesson or the students. Evaluate storage needs: fixed or mobile shelving, locking cabinets, totes that move from cabinet to desk and back.

Soothing color schemes

Limit the amount of distraction in the classroom by selecting neutral furniture colors for work surfaces. Add color with accessories and seating.

Color matters!

Plan how your classrooms with function and select your colors wisely.  Want rooms to stimulate creativity, let the color flow.  

Download more color inspiration.

Mix it up!

Use shape tables with writable surfaces to stimulate and engage students’ brains. Wheelbarrow Nebula, Expanse, Gravity, and Nova tables, then use them to create active and collaborative environments – separate or all together.  Add flexible seating – rockers, MOV, and soft seating for comfort and personalization.

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