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Cafe & Cafeteria

Reinvent the school lunchroom.

More than just a place to eat

This swing space now performs many duties while looking and functioning like the local coffee shop. It’s a place to meet, work alone or work collaboratively, encouraging students to be inspired in comfortable and safe spaces.

Scroll down for design ideas and products that should be used in cafes and cafeterias.

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Not an "old school" cafeteria

Combine comfy lounge seating units and sleek high-top areas for a modern-looking space that will become the new hang-out space for studying and collaborating. The new t-leg for shape tables leaves plenty of legroom.

Bistro anyone?

A bistro-like setting doesn't have to be pricey. Affordable table and seating options come together in a creative space that students want to hang out in.

Multi-purpose spaces

are becoming more cafe and less cafeteria.

Configurable space

A more traditional cafeteria setup can still meet today's student needs with tables on casters that can move or convertible benches that convert to picnic-style tables. Temporary or partial walls create niches for quiet, collaborative work.

Starbucks at school?

Why not incorporate familiar details in a space where students can hang out while they eat or work?

Inspiring color

Whether it's the table surface or edge band, or the chairs, color makes a room more fun. The scalloped table shape outlines each "personal" space for younger students.

Refresh institutional space

Refresh your institutional dining space into an inviting oasis for students to work, lounge, or eat. Incorporate a combination of modern sleek tables, vibrant chairs, and some woodgrain textures to create an attractive place to eat and socialize. This modern café style dining will surely become a hotspot where students will love to hang.

Think modern, fresh, FUN!

It’s no secret that kids would rather chill at a Starbucks vs. their school cafeteria. So why not bring that café style to YOUR space? Create a functional, flexible space that accommodates a variety of different uses.

Table by the window?

Bistro tables and stools can be for eating, socializing, or working in small groups.

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