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Selma High School


Selma High School has a long history dating back to 1939 and consists of of several buildings. As the only public high school in the district, Selma High School is dedicated to improving the learning environment and keeping students engaged.

In 2012, a state of the art building was added to the campus with a focus on technology and collaborative learning.

project details

Designer: Volkert, Alabama

Dealer: Interior Elements, Mississippi

Location: Selma, Alabama

District: Selma City Schools

School Type: Public High School

Design Intent

The new building was designed to offer a clean, safe environment that would positively impact the attitudes of students and parents in the school district.

Interior Elements worked with school officials to provide the right furniture to meet their needs, including the request for American made classroom furniture. With a comprehensive product line, Artcobell was the right fit.


Like most high schools, the curriculum at Selma High School requires a range of instructional styles, including lecture instruction, independent study & testing, team collaboration, and technology driven learning.

Using the Discover chair throughout the school and pairing it with tables specific to the needs of each classroom, Interior Elements was able to provide a cohesive design solution.

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