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North Belton Middle


Belton ISD introduced a new campus this year, North Belton Middle School. The enrollment for this massive campus is 1,200 6th-8th grade students. The tech oriented school issued iPads to every student to download class books and materials. The new school uses natural light and high ceilings giving an open space concept.

project details

Designer: SHW Group, Austin

Dealer: Indeco Sales, Inc., Texas

Location: Belton, Texas

District: Belton Independent School District

School Type: Public

Design Intent

The design intent of the school was a response to the districts initiative for project and presentation based learning. Students and teachers need flexible space and furniture to learn and present. The Library has a small number of books and includes a genius bar for students to charge their devices. The library, stage and cafeteria all flow into each other with no doors or walls and serve as a community space for activities after school hours. The school is littered with “flex space” for teachers and students to use as alternative learning environments.


A perfect mix of Artcobell, HON and Allsteel were used to outfit the school. The classrooms feature Artcobell DA3 tri top study desks that can easily be reconfigured into pods and Discover 4-leg chairs. The study halls feature Discover shape tables allowing students to work together on group projects. Each classroom is equipped with E series teacher desk giving teachers their own personal workspace and storage. Hon Flock and Allsteel Gather were used in the classroom neighborhoods and library to give flexible seating options.

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