Our History Looking Back Through the Generations

Traditionals 1922 - 1945

  • 1927 Artcobell's roots begin with the start of American Desk in Temple, Texas.

Baby Boomers 1946 - 1964

Baby Boomers
  • 1949 American Desk sells one million of the iconic Imperial Steel Chair Desk along with the No.1501 and 500 Opera Chair.
  • 1950 American Desk's President Steel Tablet Arm Chair, an updated version of the Imperial Steel Chair Desks, is launched.
  • 1957 American Desk introduces Quadraline furniture, the forefather of the current Solid Plastic line.
  • 1961 Artcobell is started by R.V. Hardegree from American Desk in Temple, Texas.

Gen X 1965 - 1980

Gen X
  • 1966 Uniflex-1 with Polyethylene one piece shell is launched. The new polyethylene material allowed the chair back and seat to become one single piece.
  • 1969 Uniflex-2 with superior Polypropylene one piece shell introduced.
  • 1973 Artcobell's first manufacturing line of chrome plating is started in-house. The line is EPA compliant.
  • 1977 The first cantilever chairs, Z Series and Strataflex seating, are introduced.
  • 1980 Net Sales for Artcobell crosses USD 30 million.
    Artcobell acquires Wilson Building Materials Corporation.

Gen Y 1981 - 2000

Gen Y
  • 1982 Artcobell introduces its first hard plastic furniture, Magnaflex (Quarry) Series furniture.
  • 1983 Artcobell starts a second manufacturing line of chrome plating. Both lines are EPA compliant.
  • 1985 First powder paint line is started at Artcobell. Powder paint is a superior, more environmentally friendly paint process compared to liquid paint on metal.
  • 1988 Solid Plastic Chancellor and Hallmark Chairs are introduced.
  • 1997 Artcobell acquires American Desk.

Millenials 2001 - 2012

  • 2001 Artcobell becomes part of the Sagus group of companies.
  • 2004 Prodigy product line is introduced.
  • 2006 The Discover single piece polypropylene flexible back chair is introduced.
  • 2008 All products achieve Greenguard Certification for Children and Schools.
  • 2009 Artcobell is awarded "Outstanding Partner" Award by Chicago Public Schools
    Artcobell transforms J.V. Martin Middle School, a struggling school in South Carolina that is part of the "Corridor of Shame".
  • 2010 Artcobell donates $250000 with the NBC Show to School Pride, assisting schools struggling to purchase new furniture and supplies.
  • 2011 HNI acquires Artcobell which will operate as an independent entity serving K-12 environments.

Post Millenials 2013 - Present

  • 2013 Supporting newer learning styles with introduction of discover shape tables.
  • 2013 A new revolution in student seating with introduction of Alphabet seating.
  • 2014 Introduction of Discover Multipurpose Table platform.
  • 2014 Introduction of new technology and accessories supporting current learning needs.
  • 2014 Sophisticated line of Alphabet Table platform introduced.

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