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Blossomwood Elementary


From its early beginnings over fifty years ago, Blossomwood’s curriculum came with high standards and expectations. Over the years Blossomwood’s administration, teachers and students strive to uphold the ideals set forth for them by the highly educated community. This includes achieving academic excellence and to establish a strong foundation for later success later in life.

project details

Designer: HOAR Construction, Alabama

Dealer: Interior Elements, Mississippi

Location: Huntsville, Alabama

District: Huntsville City Schools

School Type: Public Elementary

  • Blossmwood Elementary
  • Activity tables are used to create a dynamic collaborative environment
  • The brightly colored clover activity tables bring this collaborative space to life
  • Activity tables allow the teacher to interact with a small group of students
  • Discover swivel stools allow for mobility in the classroom
Design Intent

The design team at Interior Elements worked with the school to create a fresh & trendy space that provides unique solutions for various learning spaces. Today’s evolving curriculum requires a school design that embraces change in technology while maintaining a high standard for education by engaging students in a vibrant high energy learning space.


A variety of classroom layouts were designed within the school to reflect the range of collaborative instructional styles and to provide spaces that grow with the development of the students as they advance to the next grade. The Discover chairs and activity tables provided the flexibility sought, while embracing bright colors to create a fun, fresh & exciting learning environment.

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