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The makerpace at Central is being furnished with $30,000 of prototype furniture gifted from student-focused furniture maker Artcobell and $20,000 of innovative equipment, including 3D printers, laser cutters and robot fields, funded by a Verizon Innovation grant.

Frederick High School's acting principal, Dave Franceschina, sets up a test classroom with artcobell's discover expanse student desks at the new Frederick High. Different types of desks are being tested in the new school to find out which style is best to comply with the superintendents' charge to meet 21st century flexibility needs.

Four classes in four different Killeen ISD schools are piloting a variety of tables and chairs meant to provide more teaching and learning options for teachers and students.

Artcobell was pleased to co-present "Creating Classroom Spaces for Rigorous, Relevant Learning" a presentation based on designing, experiencing and planning for 21st Century Learning.

The Houston Conference was an active marketplace of ideas, library services, and educational resources.

As a teacher of more than 30 years, I’m a big supporter of fidgeting.

I know this might sound a little unusual at first. We spend a lot of time telling students things like, “Sit still.” “Keep your hands to yourself.” “Stay in a straight line!” But when it comes to listening and learning in a classroom setting, I’ve found that many students do better when they are able to wiggle, squirm, move, and fidget

Christian School Products

We are excited to share our good news! The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies has chosen Artcobell’s Alphabet Seating 2013-2014 to receive the 2015 GOOD DESIGN™ Award.

Alphabet Seating: 2015 GOOD DESIGN Award

New classroom furniture for Edina Public schools

Sagus International, a Chicago-based innovative school furniture supplier, donated $250,000 worth of new furniture and school supplies to support “School Pride” makeovers of schools in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Detroit, Michigan; and Needles and Los Angeles, California.

Students at one local intermediate school have new tools to help them invent and think creatively.

Midway ISD unveiled their "Collaboration Station" at Woodgate Intermediate.

Local School District Creates Unique Innovative Classroom